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Graffiti Snapshots

about Graffiti

In the late 1980, he came in contact with the German hip-hop scene in Berlin and developed his passion for this lifestyle through his expression as a graffiti artist. Therefore, in Germany, he is called a graffiti writer of the first hour. During the 1990tis, he engaged himself in the study of classical art, found his inspiration in and was influenced by the theories of color, portrait-paintings and calligraphy. When he learned the technique of painting through airbrush, he started creating his unique style. He expressed his graffiti styles by using the airbrush technique which gave him the possibility to go into further detail. His work is individual and exclusive. He finesses individual ideas of clients by creating unique pieces in digital, photo-realistic designs.

Streetart areas

- Bikes & Parts (Concept Bikes)
- Lowrider Art
- textile design (T-Shirt, jackets, shoes, Caps)
- facade & screens
- Portrait painting
- Digital Illustrations & Designs
- Logodesign