Dancer House, Hype- Tapdance

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He is very talented and multifaceted as a dancer. Born and raised in Paris, he started his career as an artist by dancing the "MC Hammer Dance", also known as "New Jack Swing" and "Hype Dance". Furthermore he is very interested in many different dance-styles and consequently educates himself in House Dance, Tap Dance and Hip Hop. He performs shows, gives workshops and teaches all over the world.

Agency Review

- Italy Workshop Tour
- Instructor, PUMA THE QUEST Deutschland
- Instructor NIKE NTC and SOHO House Berlin

- Sicilien, Housedance Instructor Hyper week
- dancer, I love this dance Paris

2008 - today
- teacher in Berlin by nameable dance schools

2007 - 2011
- Switzerland (Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux) Neptune school, Lets Dance academy, New style and House
- Marrocco (Marrakech) for French Institut, Hip-Hop, House