POPPIN Robot Dance

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about Poppin / Robot Dancer

He is a streetstyle- und urban dance exclusion appearance. He’s specialized in robot dance, waving style and animation and the first dancer in Germany, who could bring the style to the perfection. His almost unhuman looking moves - kind of matrix slow - motion effects - fascinate each crowd and today he belongs to the top level in Germany.
In the age of 9 years his first touch with dancing was in breakdance and streetdance. To his passion -popping – he came in the year 2003 and he starts to specialize himself. He’s style is unique.

All the years he’s hunting different influences from legends like Storm, Electric Boogaloo etc. After a long practice time and bring his passion to the perfection, he teaches many years in different german danceschools and giving workshops around Europe.

Agency Review

- Circus Eigenart
- Miguel Francisco
- 1. Platz Circle Ground in Berlin

- Opel Adam Tv-Kino Spot
- Sony wallkman Silent Party
- Supertalent Türkei Finale
- Wettkämpfe 1 vs 1

- 1. Platz Funkin Stylez Berlin
- 1. Platz Berlins Best Solo Dancer In Berlin
- 1. Platz Urban United Battle Hamburg

- Red Bull King Of Rocks Bamber
- Nike in Berlin Performance
- BMW in Berlin Performance
- competitions 1 vs 1

- 02 World Arena in Berlin Performance
- Kanzleramt in Berlin Tag der offenen Tür Performance
- 1. place Funkin Stylez Berlin